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Case Management

“Hawk-Eyed” view of Cases

RujulCRM-Legal empowers your case management from its initial briefing, Vakalatnama, till the Judgment and final billing. It all starts with creating the database of the Clients, Parties, Judges and assignment of the cases to the respective users. Centralized storage of the case documents, keeping track of the hearings and its progress, invoicing and payment history is at your fingertips on a single screen. All these impressive features makes it an advanced and reliable LegalCRM Software.


  • Better client management.
  • High ratio of client retention.
  • Accountability at every level.
  • Team collaboration.
  • Effectively manage deadlines.
Case Management
Case Management

Document Management

Time to Go Paperless

Our Document Management module fulfills your legal records management software needs too. It saves your time, paper and money, providing you with full access to your firm’s database on real-time. You no longer have to drag countless documents as all the data is in a safe central location, which you can view, on a single platform anytime, anywhere.


  • Centralized storage for safe and controlled management of your documents.
  • Share, search and control documents company wide.
  • View all documents related to a case through a single location on real time.
  • Auto maintenance of document revisions.
  • Multiple format upload and download of documents.

Communication Management

An Open Line of Communication

Our legal software enables you to easily create, edit, and open upcoming or closed calls/meeting/task records logged by users in your organization. You can create events via calls/meetings/task module, Calendar module, Case/Client Account or even Import from CSV files. Invite your participating colleagues and clients for the event along with the agenda and also share minutes of the meetings.


  • Easily manage calls, meeting, reminders, tasks.
  • View on daily/ weekly/ monthly basis.
  • Link the Call/Meeting/task with the Client & User Account.
  • Set status of Calls or Meetings e.g. Held, Not Held or Planned.
  • Add Location and duration of meetings & calls.

E-mail Management

RujulCRM-Legal allows users to manage email through an email client that replaces Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, etc. User can receive and send emails, archive email and have a permanent, searchable records of all correspondence. Email stored in RujulCRM-Legal is linked with respective modules and case accounts in the application providing seamless integration. Integrated with smart features, RujulCRM-Legal has turned out to be one of the best Practice Management Software for law firms.


  • Send and receive mails through the application.
  • Track and view all the emails in Accounts, Contacts, Leads, or Cases modules.
  • Attach files from within and outside the application.
  • Relate a module or record to an email.

Marketing Management

The Key to Maximize Your ROI

With stiff competition, it is important to efficiently and effectively market your Law Firm.

RujulCRM-Legal enables you to create and manage email, non-email campaigns and activities of your law firm. Its Marketing Automation tool introduced for Law firm software, allows generating leads, tracking their conversion status and generating summarized reports to maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns. An email-based campaign is used to send customized mass emails and/or series of email newsletter to individuals with whom you have an active or growing relationship.


  • In-hand database of prospective clients.
  • 360 degree view of prospects and leads.
  • Measurable ROI.
  • Enhanced ability to cross-sell.
  • Convert opportunities into valuable client relationships.
Marketing Management
Marketing Management
Marketing Management
Marketing Management


Insights for your Business

Any law firm software is incomplete without having reporting feature. Our reporting feature turns data into useful & customizable form so you get the desired information when required. You can give user specific access to reports across the firm helping you to track key metrics. The data from each report is accessible, so users can drill down and explore the data impacting the overall performance of the firm.


  • Real-time customized reports on any CRM metric.
  • Graphical reports, Customize charts based on key metrics.
  • Self-Service report generation.
  • User specific rights.
  • Campaign ROI/Reports.

Personalized Dashboard

User Centric Customizable Dashboard

Personalised Dashboard is one of the key feature of this Legal CRM software. It gives a real time view and quick access to the information, which is vital for the users on day-to-day basis. It displays all the information related to meeting, call, task, reminder, case hearing, billing, report, etc. It displays information fed in the system that can be customized with respect to the user’s need and priority.


  • Calendar, meetings, calls, hearings, cases and tasks can be viewed in a single screen.
  • Personalise dashboard using drag and drop option.
  • Provide Partners, Fee earners and Support Staff with real-time information about leads, accounts and cases.
  • Role based information access.

Client Portal

An Open Line of Client Communication

The ultimate purpose of Legal CRM Software is to maintain seamless balance between the legal practice and the Client. This automated Client Portal gets synced with various modules in RujulCRM-Legal eliminating all the manual efforts for updating clients. It minutely takes care of your clients’ requirements and is designed such that the case updates, documents, hearing details, reports etc., are visible to the client on real time basis. Empowering clients is the one of the prime focus of our legal Case Management Software.


  • Self-service model.
  • All Cases & their updates.
  • Meetings/Calls/Hearings notifications.
  • Upload/download Document.
Client Portal
Client Portal

Time & Billing

Manage Time & Billing On-The-Go…

RujulCRM-Legal also serves the need of legal billing software through its Time and Billing module which enable to quickly and accurately track attorney’s time spent on cases and accordingly generate invoices, payments & receipts in addition with the out of pocket expenses. It also tracks record of payments & receivables history of each and every case/client.


  • Greater Efficiency in serving clients.
  • Track attorney’s effort.
  • Keep track of all your billable time/expenses.
  • Track receipts/invoices.
  • Notifications on pending receipts/invoices.
Time & Billing
Time & Billing

Intellectual Property Management

IP on your fingertips

Your life will become much easier when it comes to this Law firm Software for IP Management. Select the type of IP, which has predefined auto-generated tasks & deadlines related to the application type. You no longer have to remember dates and steps for each and every IP filling.

Get timely deadline reminders on calendar, email/SMS also link to case management module if litigation arises, and keep a track on status of your applications.


  • 360 degree view of IP.
  • Notification on status updates.
  • Never miss a deadline.
Intellectual Property Management
Intellectual Property Management

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